What exactly do we do?

Only the best result counts.

That is why Bouw Support Nederland uses a fixed method with various tools to help you find new professionals.

1. Target group research for your new professionals

It all starts with an extensive target group research. We examine the interests, behaviors and demographics that fit your potential new professionals.

We also investigate on which social media platforms your target group is most active. After the survey, we know where and how to find your new craftsmen online.

2. Collect information, texts and images

We would like to receive as much information and images as possible. We use this for the vacancy page and the advertisements.

The more information and images we have received about your company, the better we can convince potential professionals to actually respond.

3. Create a job page with LiveChat and Ads

We process everything we have collected on the vacancy page and in the advertisements.

We list and show why it is nice to work at your company, what skills you should have, what an average working day looks like and what colleagues think about work and working at your company.

4. Provide feedback on the initial setup and processing

The first draft of your vacancy page and advertisements are ready. You now have the opportunity to give feedback on the work you have done.

We process all feedback before the vacancy page and advertisements are launched.

5. Launch vacancy page and advertisements

Now is the time to launch everything.

We put the vacancy page online, tailor the advertisements to the right target group and publish the advertisements on your company’s social media channels.

The recruiting can now start.

6. Collect and optimize data

After everything has been launched, the data collection can begin. For example, we collect information about which advertisement titles are popular, which images are clicked on the most and how the target group reacts to the texts used.

We use this data to optimize the landing page and the advertisements so that we can achieve the best result.

7. Collect and forward registrations

During the collection of all data, all responses are collected. The collected responses can be forwarded by e-mail and/or received in your own My Bouw Support Office account.

Finally, it is up to you to provide us with the names of all desired professionals. Based on your selection, we can invite you for an introductory meeting!

8. An introductory meeting and determining the hourly rate

When you have invited all candidates for an introductory meeting, you can make a decision!

Based on your wishes and requirements, plus the knowledge and experience(s), you can determine an hourly rate and pass it on to us.

9. Hire professionals and complete the procedure

After approval, we will hire the best professionals for you and provide them with an employment contract based on the hourly rate determined by you.

As soon as the employment contract has been signed and when all necessary data and documents have been processed, we can determine a start date and immediately start with all work.

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