What are the costs?

Are you considering hiring one or more freelancers / temporary workers and do you want to know what the additional costs are?
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What does a freelancer cost via Bouw Support Nederland?

As a hiring party, you are the one who can determine what a self-employed person earns gross per hour. The costs for our services are at least € 2.50 per hour excluding VAT. The total hourly rate is then the gross hourly rate + € 2.50. Suppose someone earns € 37.50 gross per hour. Then it will cost you € 40.00 excluding VAT on an hourly basis to hire this person.

Included in the hourly rate:

  • Own transport and (hand) tools.
  • Travel costs, depending on the distance in consultation.
  • The costs for our services.
  • Recruitment and selection. (This is what Bouw Support Nederland does for you)
  • Administration, advice, debtor management, invoicing and support.

What does a temporary worker cost via Bouw Support Nederland?

For a regular (temporary) agency worker, we use a conversion factor of 2.4. As the hiring party, you are the one who may determine what the temporary agency worker earns gross per hour. The hiring rate per hour is then 2.4 times the gross hourly wage. Suppose someone earns € 10.00 gross per hour. Then it will cost you approximately € 24.00 on a temporary basis to hire this person. The employer’s costs of temporary workers are included in the temporary employment rate. A temporary worker is not employed by you but by our employment agency.

Included in the hourly rate:

  • Gross salary including reservations for holidays, holiday pay, short-term absenteeism and public holidays.
  • Payment of payroll tax and social premiums (including premium sector fund, WAO, WHK, WW, WGA).
  • Collective personnel provisions (including supplementary ZW, social fund).
  • Basic pension 2.60%, in accordance with ABU-CAO.
  • Costs of recruitment and selection. (this is what Bouw Support Nederland does for you)
  • Personnel administration.
  • HR consultation.
  • Salary administration.
  • Absence administration.
  • Arbodienst subscription.
  • Gatekeeper function and reintegration obligations.
  • Assistance regarding FAQ salary and salary components.
  • Automated login portal time registration.
  • Automatic Debt collection.
  • The costs for our services.

Hiring Professionals

  • Request (telephone) information.
  • Receive the rate immediately without obligation.
  • Receive resumes from professionals.
  • Schedule calls at short notice.
  • Start hiring immediately after a positive introduction.

Example Rate

Richard is foreman at a company in the construction sector. He needs extra professionals for the last months of the year and the upcoming holidays. It is difficult to get so many professionals in the short term, so Richard decides to request information for a carpenter at Bouw Support Nederland.

The organization where Richard works has its own collective labor agreement. The gross hourly wages and allowances for carpenters are included in this collective labor agreement. According to their collective labor agreement, the gross hourly wage for a full-time carpenter is € 12.56 per hour. Richard can hire carpenters at a conversion factor of 2.4 via Bouw Support Nederland.

After approval, Richard will be presented with professionals without obligation by Bouw Support Nederland. Richard decides to hire all proposed craftsmen immediately. The broadcasting rate from Bouw Support Nederland then becomes € 12.56 * 2.4 = € 30.14 per hour excluding 21% VAT. This rate includes all employer contributions, premiums, taxes and employee reservations for holidays.

Richard hires all craftsmen for eight weeks. However, the work was completed earlier than expected. Of course that is no problem. The temporary employment contract states that the hiring of professionals may be terminated as soon as the agreed work has been completed.

Is staff through our employment agency more expensive than hiring yourself?

If you hire an employee yourself, the costs are the gross hourly wage plus the employer’s costs (35%), holiday pay and vacation days (18%). In addition, the costs for payroll administration, recruitment and selection and the risk you run in the event of illness, absence or leave.

Hiring someone yourself therefore costs approximately the gross hourly wage plus 75%. A temporary worker will cost you the gross hourly wage plus 90% to 100%.

Conclusion: Due to the additional costs mentioned above, a temporary worker is generally not much more expensive than if you hire someone yourself.

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