Your recruitment and selection in good hands

For companies dealing with growth, contraction or temporary projects, a flexible form of recruitment and selection is a must. As a client, however, it can be difficult to deal with the associated administrative burdens surrounding the recruitment and selection of (temporary) professionals. Bouw Support Nederland is happy to take the recruitment and selection off your hands.

A new look at recruitment and selection

With our new view on (online) recruitment and selection, we not only make the labor market efficient and sustainable, but also more fun for everyone! Are you, as a client, interested in a party with flexible solutions for recruitment and selection? Make an appointment directly with one of our advisors. You are of course very welcome to visit us at our office to discuss all options while enjoying a cup of coffee and/or tea!

Recruitment and selection within a flexible network

When recruiting and selecting new staff, Bouw Support Nederland uses a labor market model based on a mobility network and social media. By managing and monitoring the recruitment and selection, Bouw Support Nederland er ensures that the mobility of everyone within the network is facilitated and completed.

Full service partnership

Do you have any open vacancies? Bouw Support Nederland will gladly take care of the recruitment and selection for you. When the right person has been found for the vacancy, he or she will conclude the contract with Bouw Support Nederland. In this way, all employer risks are for the account of Bouw Support Nederland. And that gives you a good feeling as an entrepreneur! As an entrepreneur, we think along with you and can take the entire administration off your hands.



For our Payrolling and Backoffice we work together with Maqqie. They take a lot of work off our hands and offer us the necessary security. This allows us to better focus on the wishes and requirements of our customers and spend more time on personal support.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No personnel risks.
  • No personnel administration.
  • No salary administration.
  • No absence administration.
  • No Arbodienst subscription.
  • No continued payment of wages in the event of illness.
  • No HR consultation.
  • No recruitment and selection costs.

Our professionals are also assured of a good ABU collective labor agreement, the necessary primary/secondary employment conditions and a basic pension scheme of 2.60%.


Remittance guarantee, certification and security

We are aware of all the risks and responsibilities that professional entrepreneurship entails. We currently use a mediation agreement per project, plus a model agreement for self-employed persons. And for temporary workers, we work with a temporary employment contract per project, plus the ABU collective labor agreement.


It is important that payments to the UWV and the tax authorities are made correctly and on time. The use of our G-account provides certainty in this regard. A G-account is a blocked bank account that can only be used to make payments to the tax authorities.

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