The perfect job is closer than you think.

Bouw Support Nederland is a committed and result-oriented temporary employment agency. We are happy to help you find a nice job that naturally matches your wishes and experience(s). In doing so, we look not only at the type of work and the position, but also at employment conditions, the possibilities for personal development and the working atmosphere.

Are you looking for a full-time or part-time job, a holiday job or a part-time job?


We have chosen to outsource legal employership to Maqqie.  You are therefore not employed by Bouw Support Nederland, but by Maqqie. Your (hours) declarations, the payment of your salary, all pay slips and the annual statements are provided and processed by Maqqie. The so-called ARBO trajectory (absenteeism and reintegration) also runs via Maqqie.



If you are sick, you must ALWAYS report this immediately by telephone to the practical employer before 07:30 am and before 09:30 am to Maqqie report by phone number: 088-0107500. When you have recovered and get back to work at the hirer, you must of course inform us and Maqqie. You can NOT report sick by E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. More about illness



Hours worked must always be submitted to us and approved before 12 noon on Monday at the latest, so that they can be processed and paid that week. Via My Bouw Support Office can you declare hours worked online and request your pay slips and annual statements. You will receive access codes from My Bouw Support Office only when your profile is complete.


Depending on your contract, you will receive your salary on a weekly, 4-weekly or monthly basis. As standard, we pay out your hours every Friday after the week worked (with weekly payment). If you are paid per 4 weeks, we will pay the hours from weeks 1 to 4 on Friday in week 5 inclusive. If you pay monthly, we will pay on Friday in the first full week of the new month. Always take into account 1 to 2 days processing time of transactions by the banks. More about payment


You are entitled to vacation. You will be paid on generally recognized public holidays on which you would otherwise normally work. 8% of your salary is reserved for the holiday allowance (holiday allowance). The holiday pay will be paid in June. More about holidays


We work with an ABU Collective Labor Agreement, the necessary primary/secondary employment conditions and a basic pension scheme of 2.60%. More about the CLA


Depending on your employment contract, you accrue pension when you have worked for Bouw Support Nederland  for at least 26 weeks.
More about pension

Your Profile

If your profile is not complete, we are not allowed to proceed with payment. So make sure that you immediately fill in, sign and return all necessary documents. Your personnel file is complete when we have received the following information from you, completed and signed:

  • Labor contract
  • ID-Checker Form with a valid proof of identity (passport or ID card both sides)
  • AVI Form: Employment History Information (AVI) and Wage Tax Statement
  • ARBO Form
  • The signed General Terms and Conditions (in phase B and C)

Furthermore, the placement confirmation or hiring agreement must also have been completed and signed and received back from your hirer.



Maqqie is your legal employer. They take care of the administrative, financial and legal part of being an employer. The company where you are employed is your hirer. The hirer is your practical employer and the organization where you actually perform the work. You also work under the direction and supervision of the hirer. The hirer determines, for example: working hours and conditions, level of your salary, secondary employment conditions (holiday days, travel allowance, etc.) and contract extension.


Your benefits

As an employee, you are assured that you are employed by a solid party that carries out the employership professionally. Maqqie ensures punctual payment of your salary and holiday pay and pays all wage taxes. Maqqie checks for the correct application of the collective labor agreement and implement statutory wage increases and increments to which you are entitled. Maqqie holds all important quality marks and industry certifications and is extensively checked for correct compliance with labor law and regulations. Maqqie is NEN4400-1 and VCU certified and registered with the Labor Standards Foundation.


Remittance guarantee, certification and security

We are aware of all the risks and responsibilities that professional entrepreneurship entails. We currently use a temporary employment contract per project, plus the ABU collective labor agreement for temporary workers.

Questions ?

For questions about, for example, your pay slip, annual statement, payment of your salary, holidays, holiday pay, pension and sick pay, please read the frequently asked questions from employees or you can contact our helpdesk during working days between 06:00 and 18:00 via telephone number +31107617393 or by e-mail at info@bouw-support.com.
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