How does it work?

It’s all about finding and convincing the right professionals.

We realize this with the help of the 3 pillars below.


Professionals come first. Sometimes we see very long-winded and boring vacancies. A vacancy text should convince professionals to respond and not be put off.

That is why we approach professionals in a way that suits them. Simple and clear texts with many photos and videos that are easy to see on mobile, but also by handing out lighters and other fun gadgets at various construction sites and workshops in the Netherlands.


Professionals must enjoy coming to work for your company. It is therefore very important to convince professionals of this.

We achieve this by putting your company at the center of our vacancy. We state in a fun and comprehensive way what your company has to offer, possibly what other professionals think of your company and what an average working day will look like.

Social Media

Your potential craftsmen are online. Only where and how can you best reach everyone?

An extensive target group research helps us to discover where and how we can find your new professionals online. With this information we can create and deploy beautiful advertisements to convince your potential new professionals to apply for projects at your company.

Reserve professionals?

Construction has been busy again this year!
We advise you to reserve the necessary professionals for your upcoming project(s) in good time, to avoid disappointment.
Most professionals are already fully booked on weekdays, some are still available on weekdays and weekends!

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