Taking holiday hours

Holiday hours must always be requested in writing. This can be done by sending an email to: or by filling in the comments field on the timesheet.

Phase A with agency clause

As a temporary worker you are entitled to vacation. This means that you will continue to be paid on generally recognized public holidays on which you would otherwise normally work. In order to be able to continue to pay your wages on these types of days, a number of reserves are built up on your wages. You will see the amount of these reserves on your pay slip.

In the first week of June, the balance of the short-term absence and special leave reservations and the balance of the public holiday reservations will be automatically transferred to your bank account. As soon as you no longer work for Bouw Support Nederland, all reservations that you have left will automatically be paid into your account.

Phase B or C

Do you have an employment contract in phase B or phase C? Then you are entitled to continued payment of your wages during your days off, without any reserves being built up for this.


As a temporary worker you accrue vacation days over your earned wages; with a full working week you are entitled to at least 4 times the agreed working hours per week after a full year. If you do not work a full working week or not all year round, you accrue a proportionate share. You can take these days as paid vacation or have them paid out at the end of your employment contract.

Holiday Pay

The law stipulates that you build up at least 8% of your wages in holiday allowance (holiday pay). The calculation of your holiday allowance is based on the number of days you have worked for Bouw Support Nederland . You will receive your holiday pay in June. The payout is at least once per calendar year. Even when your employment or temporary employment contract ends, the accrued holiday pay is paid out.

Public holidays

Please note: only if you actually worked on a generally recognized public holiday, enter these hours, otherwise you don’t have to do anything:

Phase A:
You do not have to fill in hours on generally recognized public holidays, we will do that for you. The calculation is as follows:

The number of hours of public holiday benefit is the average number of hours worked on the day on which a public holiday falls. It is measured over a period of the previous 13 weeks.

If someone started 10 weeks ago and has worked 8 hours every Monday in that period, he will be paid (10 * 8) / 13 = 6.15 or 6 hours and 9 minutes if a holiday falls on a Monday. No reservations are built up over holidays, so they do not count.

Phase B and C:
You will be paid the holidays according to your normal work pattern.

In the ABU Collective Labor Agreement the following days fall under the generally recognized public holidays, insofar as they do not fall on a Saturday and/or Sunday. A generally recognized public holiday means that employees are usually off. A public holiday such as Good Friday is not a recognized public holiday. Liberation Day is only covered once every five years (in 2020, 2025, etc.).

Public holidays in 2023

New Year’s Day – Sunday 1 January 2023
Goede vrijdag – Friday 7 April 2023
Easter – Sunday 9 April and Monday 10 April 2023
King’s Day – Thursday 27 April 2023
Liberation Day – Friday 5 May 2023
Ascension Day – Thursday 18 May 2023
Whit Sunday – Sunday 28 May and Monday 29 May 2023
Christmas Day – Monday 25 December 2023
Boxing Day – Tuesday 26 December 2023

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